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  • Store URL: localhost
    WordPress version: 3.5.1_SE
    WP e-Commerce version: 3.8.11
    Gold Cart version: None
    Theme: Custom

    I am running a WordPress eShop with a custom built theme. When a purchase is processed (regardless of gateway) tax isn’t inserted into the database, and therefor the confirmation email shows Tax as 0.00 SEK.
    This is when tax is inclusive, which is what I want to use. However, when tax prices are set to exclusive, no problem exists.
    Sadly, having the prices as exclusive is not a viable option for me, since this isn’t what the client wants, which is to be understood since it is kind of abnormal here in Sweden.

    I located the tax-processing to ajax.processing.php, on line 664.
    If i change $tax = 0.00 to $tax = 34 (just an example number) each purchase gets 34 kr in tax.
    I can’t get it working by simply setting $tax = $totals*0.25 or $tax = “$totals * 0.25″; is there anything else I can try?
    The tax rate is 25%..

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