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  • I am not even sure that WordPress is what we need. We are 100+ Tax Moms that work at home. Each Tax Moms has a area of specialization: Work at home deductions, Capital Gains, Adoption Credit, Tax Deferred Exchanges etc. Each Tax Mom wants to maintain a Blog on their subject. More importantly, each Tax Mom wants to have an RSS feed from their Blog and automatically have her Blog articles fed to her web pages at the master Tax Moms web site. We have the software to continuously update the Master Tax Mom’s web site from each Tax Moms Blog; if we have a separate RSS feeds from each Blog.

    That is our question. Do we have to have 100+ separate Blogs, 100+ databases etc., or is there some way to just to have one Blog, one database with 100+ separate RSS feeds?

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  • You could most certainly have one blog, one database, and 100+ feeds. You could give each tax mom a category, and then each category can have its own feed. Or, if more than one author in each category, each author can have their own RSS feed as well.
    Both list_cats and wp_list_cats as well as list_authors and wp_list_author tags have built in parameters for providing a link to those RSS feeds. It would simply be a matter of determining how and where you wanted to provide links to those feeds.

    Just to make that even more painfully clear:
    There is no “WordPress Feed”. WP has the native ability to generate feeds by date, author, category, etc. So a given installation has ‘near infinite’ possible feeds — it just depends on the URL used.

    There have also been some recent plugins that help restrict authors to a given category, if that would help any with maintaining one master blog, then each category is ‘owned’ by a Tax Mom.


    Thank you for your response. What name do these plug-ins to let each Tax Mom “own� her category go by. Where do we find them?

    Maybe this can help:

    Or you could always just name the categories after each Tax Mom and everytime they post, have them just select their name from the checklist of categories. The main category where every person posts will be checked by default. Hope that helps and if you have any trouble, we can help.

    We want each Tax Mom to post by email. How do we insure that she can only post in her given catergory?

    I am afraid in that case everybody has to use the same ONE email to post and all the posts would go in one default category. See your admin panel > Options > Writing.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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