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    I just found your plugin today and I was so happy to finally find a plugin that does all the modification to wp e-commerce that I need!

    I wanted to buy the full package but then I found a little bug?
    When the Customer places an order, he gets the styled e-mail but it neither shows the tax (it shows 0% instead of 19% here in germany) nor does it add the tax to the final price… Is that a bug or am I missing something?

    Thank You!

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  • Just found out that the tax works if i put it in the e-mail with a single parameter. But within the product table the problem still persists…

    Hi hadeseldu,
    Please have a look at the wp-ecommerce setting.
    Did you enable the option “Product prices are tax inclusive”
    on the tab “Tax”?

    Thanks for quick response! No, I selected “tax exclusive” because all our ~900 products in store got net prices… but normally wpec is adding the tax automatically in the checkout area…

    Have you changed the wpsc tax setting during your test?
    Because purchase logs save the price at the time the order was submitted.
    Maybe you need to generate a new test purchase for the changes to take effect?

    No, haven’t changed any tax settings for at least 6 months. Due to testing I also placed about 10 test-orders today. But I did a workaround now by killing the tax in the table itself and placing the total tax at the end of the table. But it would be nice if you could fix that…

    While playing around with the plugin I got another question: how can I change the table spacing? It looks very clinched and messy (at the results page and in the e-mail).

    I’ll have a look at the tax in one of the next versions.
    The Produkts table can be formatted either in the html Mail Template CSS Part Ort in the invoice CSS.

    Hi haduseldu,
    It seems to be the intended behavior of wp e-commerce to add the tax to the sum of the purchase and not to the individual items.
    I hope you can still use your workaround, because I haven’t got the time to change this at the moment.
    br, Hannes

    Thanks for your help. The workaround is ok but i cant find the right table in the html mail template css – can you name the line where the product table is customized?


    Have a look at this simplified template:
    I’ve kicked out a few formattings. You can find the style for your products table at line 60.
    But you have to replace “” and “YOUR SITE” if you use the new template.

    I’m confused. I changed the color of the borders and the padding but it doesn’t change anything…
    This is always the result:


    Can you help me?

    I had a similar problem when I customized the mail template for a customer: Some mailclients (I used a webmail client at that time) do not refresh the cache. Did you try to view the mail on a different mail client or different computer?

    I tried it on 3 different computers and an iPhone – nothing changed. 🙁

    PS: Bought the transaction results extension for your plugin but it doesn’t show any table customisation either…

    The table customization for the transaction results page has to be done in your themes CSS files. You can use lines 60 to 77 from the pastebin above.

    Maybe you have to simplify the CSS code or add a few !important statements to the table formatting.

    This is definitly a CSS problem, there is no special trick…

    Hi haduseldu, maybe you’re still interrested in an improved handling for tax exclusive prices. You should have a look at version 1.7

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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