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    Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax
    – Calculate tax based on Customer Shipping Address
    – Display prices in the shop Including tax
    – Display prices during cart and checkout Including tax

    I have a standard tax rate, and a different rate for digital goods.
    Tax rates are set to apply to shipping too.

    The problem:

    Although I’ve told the settings I’ll enter prices inclusive of Tax, this only works with the main products. Shipping prices are incremented by the standard tax rate, and those product variations I’ve set to use the tax rate for digital goods display some funny prices (which are more than the set price, but also don’t match the country’s tax rate for digital goods — makes no sense!!).

    An example:

    I add to my basket a physical item (20 eur) and its digital download variation (8 eur). On the product page, the physical item is set to use the Standard tax rate of 19%, and the digital download variation is set to use the tax rate for Digital Goods — for my shipping location that would be 21%.
    Once added to the basket, the price displayed for the physical item is 20 eur (which is correct, the price I set, which includes the tax), shipping however shows an increment of 19% (the standard tax rate, which should be included in the price, and not added) and most worrying the digital variation shows a price of 8,13 eur (not 8 eur which would be the expected price with tax included, but also not 9.68 eur which would be the price if tax was added at the rate of 21%).

    If I change the shipping location to a country where tax is not due, the site behaves as expected: shows 16.81 eur for the physical item, and 6,72 for the digital version.

    Any clues on how to correct this?
    I’d like tax not to be added to the shipping prices
    to have the correct price including tax displayed for the digital product variations.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    UPDATE: sorted the problem with the shipping prices by setting all shipping policies (that apply to taxable locations) to Taxable and entering the prices without tax. Tax then gets added automatically, although rounding up produces some “unpretty” prices like 19.04 — I corrected that by adding a third decimal for greater accuracy.

    Not ideal, cause I had selected to enter prices with tax… but anyway, it works!

    Any ideas on how to correct the issue with variable products on a different tax rate?


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