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    cont’d from previous thread marked as resolved:
    going back to this same topic about the tax. it is not bullet proof in 1.11.1.
    The problem is that again in california, the law is that the tax should be applied to the shipping state.
    As mentioned, the current set up applies tax to the billing state, but it should be done to the shipping state (at least in california). As mentioned before as well, I think there should be an option on the tax page to apply tax depending on the billing or shipping address. let us choose, as each place seems to have different tax law.

    I have also sent this same message to Amadeusz.
    Thank you

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  • Hi elitsdogg,
    I’m pretty sure it was already done – checking it out!

    Added into 1.11.3 – in Jigoshop -> Settings -> Tax you can select “Country to base taxes on”.

    Thank you Amadeusz. Appreciate it.
    Until I see it, just a follow up question – some states in the United States may use the Billing address, but I know in california we use the shipping address. You said the setting is for country base? what about state?

    Thank you!

    @elitistdogg – could you explain more? I’m afraid it won’t be possible to calculate taxes based on what is chosen with some other rules, like “in California use shipping country, in New York – billing country”. We may think on it for 2.0 release, but this needs to be as precise as possible 🙂

    Thank you!

    Is there a way to do something simple – just let us select base taxes on billing or shipping address. then we can decide which one works best for us?
    That would be a good universal way to make sure the business can decide to do their taxes how they specifically need it?

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