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  • I have taken over management of a WordPress site that uses Shopperpress. Currently the tax is set to 20% but it is charging more or less than 20%. An example is when items are added to the cart and equal a value of 149lbs and the shipping is 4.75lbs the tax is then calculated to be 29.80lbs for a total of 183.55lbs. In actuality the tax should be 30.75 for a total of $184.50

    Another issue we are having is that when the remove item from cart is pushed the item isn’t actually removed from the cart. It disappears for a moment and then reappears if by magic.

    Any help on this would be appreciated. The site in question is



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  • Hi Frank,

    I hope you solved your Tax issue with Shopperpress. I am actually considering on purchasing this cart. Considering that you already have it and have seen the back-end, can you tell me about the TAX Customization features it has?.

    I mean I don´t want to buy it unless it will let me Tax customers that live in California 7.25% but customers that live especifically in certain cities a different tax rate of 8.75%. Do you know if the tax options of this cart let you do that? I don´t want to waste money by buying another theme/cart that won´t fit my tax needs.

    Hey GegeO,

    I actually haven’t figured out why the tax % is off yet. Its so quiet in these forums I haven’t heard a pin drop since posting and can’t beat my head against the wall forever. Haha!

    To answer your question, it looks like there is a way to enable the tax per state but I am not sure if there is a way to change the amount per part of the state. Here is a screenshot I took of the screen.

    All of the drop down boxes are Yes/No except for the State and Country ones. Once you select non global tax and yes for state/country tax it takes you to the options on the second screenshot. It doesn’t appear to break it down into separate portions of any state but one % per state.

    Though seeing how Amazon can get away without charging their customers tax and requiring the customers to pay the government tax they owe themselves I don’t see why anyone else should be required to do so. But that is just me.

    Hope that helped!


    Because Shopperpress is a paid theme and they have a support area, I would highly recommend going there first and they should be able to help with your issue

    Ah, I didn’t know it was a paid theme. I am just trying to modify my clients website that he had built by someone else because it needs updating and I am new to WordPress. Thanks for the heads up!


    Thanks so much for replying to my inquiry and even posting the shots of the California Tax option. Based on the screen option that you attached, apparently Shopperpress will not solve my tax issue. So, it is just like the theme/cart I already have installed. Glad I did not wast my money! I am really trying to abide with California law, but I am either going to have to charge the whole State the Los Angeles District tax or charge less than I am required to. This is a dilemma. I really thought that shopping carts these days were more customizable! I checked the California tax website and they state that basically any excess tax that you charge you either have to return it to the customer or the Goverment, but under all circumstances charge tax. I believe this translates to better charging more than charging less, and having to pay that out of my own pocket!



    Its unfortunately that the consumer will suffer, but then again you have a business to run and I agree that charging more than less is best.

    It is possible to custom build a website that would do what you wanted, and I am surprised that none of the themes for WordPress have it yet.

    Good luck if you continue to hunt for one!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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