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    We are forced to charge TAX locally, 1 country only, not to any others.
    I would like to know if it is possible to keep the amount fixed to ALL customers, no matter if they are charged TAX or not.

    For example, a product that costs 105 (already with TAX included) should be charged as 105 in my country (100 + 5% TAX) and the same amount to any other country (105) without any VAT deduction here.

    So, all customers pay the same, no matter where they are from. We will simply have to pay 5% of what we charge locally to our government as VAT.

    Right now, my Woocommerce settings are deducting the VAT for the countries where this does not apply. I do not want to show VAT 5% included to those countries since this is not true.

    Is this possible with the existing WooCommerce features or is there any other plugin that can do it?

    Thank you

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  • The described behaviour can be achieved with a customisation, or with a plugin.

    We developed a plugin for that purpose, called Aelia Tax Display by Country, which includes an option to keep product prices fixed, as described.

    Please note that shipping costs are always considered exclusive of tax by WooCommerce, and any tax will be applied to them at checkout.

    Unfortunately, I can’t post a link to our Tax Display by Country solution, because it’s a premium (paid) plugin. However, you should be able to find it easily with a quick search.

    Thank you @daigo75

    So, just to confirm… if the product’s final price is 105 USD can we charge all the customers 105 USD?

    Users locally (with TAX enabled) will pay 100 USD + 5% VAT while all the other users (with no tax associated) will pay 105 USD for the product, the same but without any VAT mentioned anywhere.

    I know where to find the plugin in CC 🙂

    Yes, that’s correct. Customers will pay 105, which could be:

    • 105 incl. 5% VAT.
    • 105 with no VAT.
    • 105 incl. X% VAT (whatever the VAT rate is)
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    Hi @sitesme,

    As mentioned by @daigo75 above, this would have to be configured through a plugin or custom code, as that’s not a feature supported out of the box.

    With just the WooCommerce plugin you can certainly configure it so that all customers are always charged 105.00, regardless of their location – but you’d have to choose between always displaying that price with the “including tax” legend, or never mentioned the tax at all.

    It’s not possible to have it both ways depending on location.

    You seem to have received some plugin suggestions already, so I’m marking this as resolved now.

    Thank you both for the clarification.

    @fhaps, does the native Woocommerce allow me to charge the same amount (i.e. 105) and showing “including 0% TAX” for example, while to the users where TAX is, in fact, charged it will show “including 5% TAX”. Is this possible?

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    @sitesme No, the tax rate would be the same one for everyone.

    How you would accomplish that would be by setting taxes to be calculated based on your shop’s base address, then configuring a tax rate for your shop’s location. That way, all orders will come through including tax, which was calculated based on your store’s address.

    But the rate will display the same way to everyone.

    I tried this already, @fhaps but the final result is not the desired one and it would be illegal because it is still showing 5% TAX to the countries where it should be 0% TAX.

    I am ok with the message “(includes USD 5 VAT 5%)” for the countries where 5% apply. However, when I set VAT 0% to other countries it should display “(includes USD 0 VAT 0%)” or simply, “VAT exempted” when VAT is zero.

    This is what I was not able to achieve and I hope that at least the plugin mentioned in this thread can.

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    It comes down to different pricing. It’s not a matter of tax, but you are effectively charging customers different prices according to their location.

    So, some users will be paying $100 for their products, plus tax. While others will be paying $105 for their products, without tax.

    You’ll want to look into a solution that allows you to change pricing according to the user’s location. I haven’t used any plugins like that, so I couldn’t vouch for their quality, but perhaps something like this might work. You’ll want to look into that and see if it fits your needs.

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