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  • Hi,

    Non-coder, here, but not lazy and I’ve ready everything I could on getting this going to no avail. So . . .

    I’ve got wp2.7 going with the Tarski theme (which has it’s own little admin area that does some stuff with categories, which may be the problem, I dunno) and I’ve installed My Catagories Order thus:

    The taxonomy.php is in /wp-includes/ (but it was there already)
    The “Categories” widget is replaced by MCO widget
    and I’m getting MCO the admin drag and drop stuff to put the order in place, but when I do, it’s not in order and there are no subcategories.

    I dug around and *finally* found the wp_list_categories code at wp-includes/category-templates/php file, but there seemed to be a lot going on there and what I was exactly supposed to replace was a bit unclear, so I figured I better leave well enough alone.

    Here is my website: anyway.

    And just to echo the venting of other folks on here: yes, it does seem funny that organizing the categories (which is pretty darn basic to the info layout of the site!) isn’t a priority 🙂 oh well, thnks for the plugin and support — now if I can just get the durn thing working!

    Also, I’ve just tried to install the Magazine plug in and it doesn’t seem to be working.

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  • I’ve resolved the My Categories Order thing — and the issue was on my end NOT Tarski’s or MCO . . . I didn’t realize that there was a drop down menu in the widget area to show hierarchies — when I clicked it all was well!

    And did a work around for the magazine format with the wp-columns plug in — yo uhave to put the html tags in manually in each post but it works nicely.

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