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  • Hello Team,

    I want to use WordPress as a “front end” to PHPBB. Specifically, I want readers to click on the title of a word press entry and be taken to a specific PHPBB forum for discussion.

    When I put HTML in the “Title” field the link sort of works, but not really. I get a link that looks like this;

    this part links to WP comment”>This part links to the correct Forum in PHPBB

    Is there a way to write links so that this works correctly? Obviously I don’t want to see the HTML in the post, or part of the link direct to the wrong location. Is there a plug in that would enable this?

    Also, I’d love to try that plugin that lists the most active links in PHPBB, but the link on all of the sites seems to be dead.

    Any ideas?


    – Sez

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  • The easiest way to do what you are talking about without messing up your existing wordpress setup is using add_filter on the_permalink.
    more information here :

    For my plugin ‘wphpbb’, I have a setting which allows the user to set wp to link directly to phpbb for the specific post. Since I already have to threads being created with the post information, I just take the link from the_permalink, determine where it is in phpbb and then replace the link with the link to phpbb.

    It works easily.

    I can post the code I use if you want to get an idea of what I am doing or you can go to and download the plugin and see what I am doing. I try to label as much as I can as I am writing, though it is a little big right now. The function that would interest you would be something like wphpbb_append_sid (this takes the url and then appends the sid that phpbb uses).

    I can probably also explain in more detail what I did.


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