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  • Where my CSS fools at? 🙂 I’m having a heck of a time targeting one specific link in a custom menu to get it to retain styling when it is the current page. (the page is the “Contact” page), the link is the “Get Help” link in the upper right. You can see that when not the current page, the link itself and its background is totally green. I’d like it to be that way when it’s current/active, too. But I’m having trouble targeting it alone.

    I know it links to the same page as another link in the custom menu (under the About dropdown). But I thought you could target individual menu items of a custom menu (this one being #menu-item-169). For some reason though I’ve not been able to get to the rest of what I need. I thought #dropmenu #menu-item-169 li.current-menu-item > a would do it, but that didn’t work.

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  • I think this may do the trick. Add this bit of code to:

    .menu-item-169 a

    background: none !important;

    Note that using !important should just be a temporary fix. I’ll keep looking for a more specific class to override the current settings.

    Ah… that works for me!

    So that worked in Chrome, FF and Safari, but not in IE. The theme already has an IE stylesheet and call to it the header – I’ve tried adding to it but I don’t see the changes taking effect. Any thoughts?



    hi you are using css3 style code and it may not work in IE so you should use simple code like

    #menu-item-169{ background-color: #23A323;} in header IE stylesheet

    [link moderated]


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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