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  • Howdy everyone,

    I was handed a site to work on and I noticed while working on it that the person who had set it up split the page.php into different sections. How does WP target the description textbox in the gallery section? Due to how the code is setup right now, the alttext gets used to open a new page so I would like to use the description text for the caption. Currently the code for the page on this site looks like the code below. Thanks for any support or suggestions given. Currently using the NextGen Gallery Pluggin.

    case 'films':
    						$l_sType = ($l_sPageSection == 'books') ? 'books' : 'films';
    						$l_aGalleries = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT p.*,g.path
    															FROM wp_ngg_gallery g, wp_ngg_pictures p
    															WHERE g.slug ='".$l_sType."'
    															AND p.galleryid = g.gid
    															ORDER BY p.sortorder
    															", OBJECT);
                            <div class="book-holder">
                                foreach($l_aGalleries as $l_xGallery){
                                    <div class="book-item">
                                    <a href="<?= $l_xGallery->alttext ?>" target="_blank"><img src="/<?= $l_xGallery->path.'/'.$l_xGallery->filename ?>" border="0" /></a>
                            <div class="clear"></div>

    site displayed as:

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