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  • Hello, I would like to have a class added to the word “Day” in the forecast. I don’t see any way to turn off or hide the word “Day/Night” that displays in the forecast. I’ve tried every option I could think of in the admin panel. The code just uses a generic <div> so I can’t taget it with css. I hacked the plugin to add a class myself but this isn’t ideal.

    <div class="wp-forecast-fc-right"><div>41°F</div></div>

    Another feature request would be that the forecast displays the day of the week rather than “Day”. I’d love to be able to display Wed – 70º, Thurs – 75º, Fri – 67º. I realize this doesn’t fit everyone’s site requirements. Instead, I am adding my own heading to the forecast in my header that just says “3-Day Forecast”. Otherwise viewers wouldn’t know what they’re looking at.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I see now that I had the header hidden so I was not seeing “Forecast February 9, 2012” above each day. I don’t see anyplace I can edit how this appears. As I said above, I’d like to display the day of the week. I don’t have a lot of room in the header to display any more. Any chance this is an upcoming feature?

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    Let’s see if I got you wright.

    1. adding a class to style/hide the Day/Night header of forecast
    2. entering a date format different from you blog date format to display

    should 2. used for alle weather widgets or shoukd it be possible to set a different date format for every widget?

    Thanks for responding tuxlog. I would say the capability for changing the forecast verbiage might come in handy for others and future site builds. For this particular request, I only needed 1 widget.

    Here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking to do.

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    I see, in this case I would suggest using the wp-forecast data interface and do a bit of php to produce the forecast.

    Unfortunately this interface is only documented in german. But anyway we will find what you need.
    Fetching the data is achieved using:

    $res=wp_forecast_data("A","en_US"); // gives the data of widget A in english
    print_r($res); // prints all available values

    Using this data you can design a totally different widget on your own.
    Since I do not know how much php know-how you have, please let me know if you need further instructions.

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