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  • Hi!
    I’m using the Tanzaku theme at and it is great.
    The problem is embedded objects does not force the grid to resize. Images, on the other hand, do force resizing. So, when embedding a video bigger than the post box it will apear with a overflow hidden effect.
    I believe it is possible to use conditional tags inside the loop to make posts under a certain category look in a particular way. So a solution would be categorizing all posts under a “video category” and forcing this category to be 615px wide, wixh is a two-column width in the Tanzaku theme.
    Does somebody know how to do that?
    The other solution is to have a 615px wide and 1px high image manually inserted in all video posts. But I don’t like that.

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  • hey, did you fix this and if so how?


    I’ve tried adding some coding inside the loop.
    Something like, if a post is in category x then col width is 615px, but it didn’t worked.
    Maybe I did not wrote it right, I’m not a coder, just a amateur.

    Any idea, someone?

    I can see you got it.
    I want to my site to do the same (I am using the Tanzaku theme and I love it)
    But I really want the boxes to be displayed the way you have them
    Help please!

    I Need the Same Option!
    Does anyone have a Solution to this?

    Me too! please help! I need the code for this

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