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  1. lhk
    Posted 10 years ago #


    I've set up the WP 2.02 version including the TinyMCE distributed with that version for a client (*not* netsavvy). Currently I'm testing the installation and could pull my hair out over TinyMCE.

    I ask it to do very simple things actually, left/right/centering and bolding. Else Imagemanager upload is used and it should be possible to c/p tables into the post.

    But TMCE has a mind of it's own. It - in detail - formats and paragraph-formats every single line of input (I've never seen so much garbage in HTML result from but a few lines of input text). Quite a few HTML tags seem to clash with each other. Upon saving lots of the wanted ones are "lost", you have to re- and resave to make them hold.

    Tables are completely thrown about and apart, a sysiphos work to use one. Even a clean html table (set up priorly handcoded in Notepad) c/p'ed into the workspace gets "transmogrified"...

    I can't simply switch the thing to HTML entry. The client is unable to use that and would balk looking at code. But I also can't leave it as it is.

    Are there better alternatives to TinyMCE? A way to make it "behave" (at least behave as well as e.g. Dreamweaver which is relatively low on trashy additions)? And is it possible to write a routine for TinyMCE which adds a preconfigured table at the push of a button?

  2. lhk
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  3. Pizdin Dim
    Posted 10 years ago #

    This may not be a solution for you but it works for everything I've tried to do, so I'll mention it.

    Have you tried the Markdown plugin for WP?

    What I especially like about Markdown is that it's very intuitive and very easy to learn.

    I use WP 1.5.2, so I'm not sure what admin options you have in WP2 as far as disabling TinyMCE and just having a plain vanilla textarea for your page content. If you can't go into plain text mode, then Markdown won't help.

  4. Samuel B

    Posted 10 years ago #

    Definitely turn off the editor.
    admin -> Users -> scroll to bottom left and un-check box about visual rich editor.
    It doesn't handle code well at all.

  5. ladydelaluna
    Posted 10 years ago #

    samboll - "for a client (*not* netsavvy)" - s/he can't disable it because her client doesn't know how to work with code...

  6. lhk
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi again,

    yes, ladydelaluna - in a nutshell you have it right ;-)

    I can't "not-use" a WYSIWYG editor. I personally have no problems switching it off, I handcode for ages now. But this can't be said for the client.

    Practically, I want to "dumb down" TinyMCE further, to a point where it handles (and displays!) very few very simple things, like left/right/center and bold.

    I noticed that things get a bit better when turning off the XHTML auto-correction, which seems to clash a bit with ImageManager's code insertions.

    Most importantly, I need to find a way to autoinsert a pre-configured table which the client simply can fill with text. I've hunted but so far haven't found a way to adjust TinyMCE as is possible e.g. with Quicktags.

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