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  • I’m having an issue with displaying results. I’m using the multiple choice with numeric values attached. I asked this question in an earlier thread, but hadn’t received a reply yet.

    Below are two examples labels and values for my multiple choice answers:
    “Never = GroupA{1}, “Rarely” = GroupA{2}, “Sometimes” = GroupA{3}, “Often” = GroupA{4}, “Always” = GroupA{5}
    “Never = GroupB{1}, “Rarely” = GroupB{2}, “Sometimes” = GroupB{3}, “Often” = Group{4}, “Always” = GroupB{5}

    I simply posted {personality_quiz_result} to show the results in my confirmation.

    Instead of showing the result for which should have a greater value (in this case Group B), it seems that just the last value I selected is displayed as the result, with the number appended. For example, when Group D is the answer to my last question, the result on the confirmation page is “D{1}”. My answer should have been simply Group B.

    It appears that the plugin is supposed to have functionality for tallying results for each category and then displaying the category with the greatest numeric value that was tallied. Please help to get this quiz up and running.

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  • Plugin Author dabernathy89


    Hey @toralauralie – I must have missed your last post. The plugin only supports a single numeric result. An example “numeric” quiz might be “How X are you?”

    Question 1:
    Foo – foo{0}
    Bar – bar{1}
    Baz – baz{2}

    Question 2:
    Foo2 – foo2{0}
    Bar2 – bar2{1}
    Baz2 – baz2{2}

    Question 3:
    Foo3 – foo3{0}
    Bar3 – bar3{1}
    Baz3 – baz3{2}

    In this case your quiz could range from 0 to 6 points, and you would assign your results however you want based on that total.

    Plugin Author dabernathy89


    If you’re trying to do a multiple choice quiz rather than a numeric quiz, there’s no numbers needed. In your case all of your questions would have the same answers:

    “Never” = never
    “Rarely” = rarely
    “Sometimes” = sometimes
    “Often” = often
    “Always” = always

    The result of this quiz could only be ‘never’, ‘rarely’, etc, etc.

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