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    Currently using WordPress template Talian 1.0 to create test blog for a community project. Have run into unusual problem I have not seen discussed in forums. Perhaps you can help me with answer. I am using WordPress version 2.5.0 and a Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2) operating system to access the server on which the WordPress software resides.

    THE PROBLEM: when I first fired up the Talian template to work on, there were four widgets visibly preloaded on right hand side of the screen. The four widgets (from top to bottom) are: RECENT ENTRIES, RECENT COMMENTS, SOCIAL NETWORK and CALENDAR. Again, preloaded. I did not add them.

    Yet upon entering DASHBOARD then clicking Design/Widgets I noticed in the CURRENT WIDGETS/Sidebar 2 window there were no widgets visible at all. In addition it said “You are using zero widgets in Sidebar 2”. Hmmmm.

    Odd, because when one views the physical site those four widgets are clearly visible on right hand side of screen (i.e., sidebar 2). So I thought I would ADD a widget from the many to choose from in AVAILABLE WIDGETS. Yet every time I added a new widget into the Sidebar 2 widget window this move ERASED ALL THE FOUR VISIBLE RIGHT HAND WIDGETS FROM THE SITE and it it did so every time I tried that.

    I am stumped as to (1) why no widgets are visible in Dashboard/Widget Sidebar 2 window yet those four widgets remain clearly visible (and functioning) on the live site and (2) why the four widgets on the live site vanish every time I install a new widget into Sidebar 2 from the AVAILABLE WIDGET section of Dashboard?

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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  • Quite simply these things are hard coded into the sidebar and appear UNLESS you add your own widgets which then, because of the dynamic sidebar code, override the hard code.

    It is perfectly normal behaviour.

    My thanks a thousand fold. Must have missed that one in the tutorial. Will run through tutorial again. I did run through pretty fast first time around. Again, thank you.

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