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    Both blogs are running 2.0.4. Both at Hostgator. Both on cheapie hosting plans, but not on same server.

    Personal blog admin loads quickly and completely, with all RSS feeds.

    Sports blog dashboard loads extremely slowly, and doesn’t fully load when done. However, all other admin pages are fully accessible and load lightning fast.

    RSS feed problems loading, I know… but why on one blog and not on another? Would different servers receive RSS feeds at different speeds?

    I disabled the sports blog dashboard with Filosofo’s Remove Dashboard plugin. This removed the problem, but then my coaches couldn’t log in using the Meta link, so I deactivated it.

    Then I tried the Dashboard Options plugin, but even when I disable all RSS feeds, the dashboard loads just as slowly as before, and then does not completely load as before (can’t see the WordPress footer with the version number, for example).

    I finally settled for manually removing all the RSS feeds from the wp-admin/index.php, and now the sports blog dashboard is lightning fast again.

    The only other difference between the two blogs is that the crippled dashboard sports blog also turned up a blank page after editing a post. The personal blog doesn’t ever do that. Probably doesn’t mean anything, but I thought I’d throw it in there.

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  • Would be interesting to know the PHP versions on each server.

    Maybe make a info.php file with contents of
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    and see if any differences leap out?

    Thanks for the response–I appreciate it.

    Yes, there are some differences, mainly in the configure commands:

    Configure commands on the crippled dashboard (commands that are NOT on the working dashboard):


    Configure commands on the working dashboard (commands that are NOT on the crippled dashboard):


    Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what these things mean.

    Do you suppose if I ask Hostgator to change the configure commands to match the working personal blog configure commands, that it would fix the crippled sports blog?

    There is a difference in the build dates, too:

    Crippled dashboard: August 18 2006
    Working dashboard: May 13 2006

    The PHP versions are the same, 4.4.2

    Maybe one server is running php as cgi? Yes, I would tell Hostgator that you need both blogs to be running the same backend setup….

    I was in a time crunch, so I just kept all the RSS feeds in the wp-admin/index.php Dashboard splash page disabled–until I could write to Hostgator.

    When I was ready, I uploaded the standard index.php file (and the page again timed out before loading), and then I gave the tech guys all my information for the 2 blogs.

    They logged in to both blogs, saw the differences and agreed there was a problem, and then they fixed it. I can’t tell you what they did to fix it, but it was definitely a webhost problem.

    So if any of you are suffering from:

    1) the Dashboard splash page timing out/not loading fully,


    2) after editing a page you get a blank screen…

    …a possible solution is to contact your webhost.

    Thanks for everybody’s help.

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