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    Is it possible to fork this plugin and take over development. It seem that it is not actively developed anymore?

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  • netzgestaltung


    taking it over is one thing, adding $promo at the first overtaken version is something different…. 🙁



    sorry, seems that it wasnt you 😉



    Seriously? That’s what happened? It’s been taken over be another plugin developer whom thereafter added their own original plugin $promo spam stuff to this one?

    Christ, I best think up my rate review for this plugin and get on with Logic Options. It seems from the comments that we’re all moving to that perfectly working / non-spam plugin.

    I did not know that it was allowed for plugins to inject ads in the WordPress dashboard but I understand that some plugin authors want to make some money from their popular plugin and of course I do have the option to switch to another plugin or fork this one.

    What annoys me though, is the text of the ad. It is a ‘fake-news’ kind of warning that makes my customers nervous and doubt the security of the website I built for them.

    Could you please change the wording of the ad so my non-technical customers won’t freak out when they login to the WordPress dashboard? The widget logic is my favourite plugin for managing widgets and I really don’t feel like having to switch to a bloated alternative or even worse, JetPack 😉

    Thanks, that is much better!




    All is restored.

    Thank you for fixing the update bugs!!


    Should have thought about that before. Luckily you haven’t put hotlinked invisible pixel or external script but after this promo spam nobody can trust you won’t in some near future.



    Great plugin and using it on most of my sites. I too was concerned that the advertisement would confuse my clients (even with the new wording) so I quickly logged into all my sites and closed the notice. I already have login protection on all my sites. My question is… will this notice show up again in this version or updates? I REALLY like the simplicity and usefulness of widget logic and would hate to give it up. Thanks.

    A forked version of the pre-spam 0.57 version (not updated since then, but renamed to comply with any trademark issues) is available on Gitlab:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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