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  • I am trying to take my wordpress url from
    to, and make it my home page, I have Plesk 11.

    METHOD #1–using ftp

    I tried the copying the .htaccess, and index.php file from the wordpress
    folder to the “C” drive then changing the bottomline from in index.php file –>
    (‘./wp-blog-header.php’) to –> (‘./httpdocs/wp-blog-header.php’)

    PROBLEM: I can’t find the .htaccess file using filezilla or anything else,
    even setting the “show hidden files”

    METHOD #2–using PhpMyAdmin

    I found a knowledgebase that says it knows how to change it through
    phpMyAdmin. The name of the host knowledgebase is:
    “How Can I Change My Domain Name For My WordPress Blog”

    I installed wordpress through Plesk 11, that is fine. But the domain url is,, I need it in my home directory as The
    only page I see in my page is my host company placeholder.

    I followed 2 sets of instructions with no success:


    It said to change both urls in the WordPress Address(URL)
    and Site Address(URL)
    settings-general tab
    and press save, you get a 404 not found, but it says that is ok. That
    will change.

    STEP #2–Using PhpMyAdmin

    Then it says go to phpMyAdmin and click on
    then click edit for the siteurl, change the url from the old url
    to the new one. And add it in the box below. Change from to and edit, and click go.

    THE PROBLEM: The site url in the PhpMyAdmin, wp-options section already
    says, but when I added it to the box below, and clicked go,
    it totally messed up my page for wordpress, and I only get to, and it is all messed up. Now the
    page has no graphics also.
    My is still my host placeholder page. Help!

    I can’t put up a wordpress blog that says, anytime
    someone goes to it will have my host companys placeholder page.

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  • If you use method 2, you still have to copy the files over.

    Also, if you’re seeing your host company’s placeholder page, delete the index.html or index.htm file in the root directory.

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