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Take Two

  • Remember my call out for interviewee candidates for stories, about blogging and WP? A while ago, yes, and then — well, nothing followed, it would have been from your (collective) perspective, while many things did my face of the coin. Just now getting back into my life, my home, and so have no immediate plans or even substantive thoughts along those lines. Sorry to say that along the way I lost data including contact info. Please accept my apologies, anyone to whom it applies, for that and the abrupt break in contact. Also, please know that my previous email, editor at identity theory, is no longer applicable. Instead: peg at bellascribe dot com. <http://www.bellascribe.com/wordpress&gt; is my old blog. “Old” bc I plan to install WP in root to handle entire site content. So go ahead and have a look-see if you want– you’re more than welcome — but don’t feel as if you need to give a constructive critique. 😉 Quite a few things I’d change if I were keeping site structure as is.
    @podz: I see where your generous (and, I add, cool simpatico/nonpartisan ways in doing it) assisting others has been validated. Add my thanks to the clamor of the appreciative. It is really good to come back and see who is here going strong still.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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