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  • This is a well thought out plugin that really highlights best practices and a modern approach to page layout (flexbox!). I found Tailor easy to use and very flexible. I also like that they use CSS flexbox for layout. The components provided are very well done and you can save and export component templates. Finally, unless you put in padding/margins or use the custom CSS panel, Tailor does not inject inline styling. That made me very happy!

    Now to talk about some things that can be improved or that may be an issue for other users:
    1) Make JS-powered components like the toggles (accordion), tabs, and carousel more accessible (maybe follow jqueryUI js approach?). Right now the JS-powered components aren’t very accessible (at least in my testing with Chrome Vox).
    2) An easier way to add additional tabs or items to a toggle, tab, or carousel. It’s not always apparent that you need to drag a content item out to the middle of the component, wait to see the plus sign, and then drop it. Perhaps a field on the parent component editor view that allows you to select the number of items you want added to the component may help users.
    3) Once a page has been edited with Tailor, using the standard WordPress editors to make any changes afterwards will render those changes unviewable inside the Tailor editor view. While Tailor does warn users of this, there will undoubtedly be users who end up in the poor situation of trying to figure out what happened to their content after switching between editor modes. I don’t know if there will ever be an ideal solution to this issue. But it is an issue that users should be aware of (which, credit to the plugin developer, they do highlight that this is an issue with a notice on pages edited with Tailor).

    To conclude: overall, great plugin and one of the better page-builder plugins I’ve used. Recommended if you need a page-building plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Worsfold


    Hi @bemdesign

    Thank you for the positive review AND thoughtful feedback. This sort of input will really help make the tool better.

    I agree with your points and will look to make improvements in upcoming versions. For any developers reading this: if you have ideas of your own or are able to assist with the points above, please don’t hesitate to contribute to the project on GitHub!

    The third point is one that I have been struggling with. I am VERY hesitant to restrict access to the editor itself (core functionality doesn’t get any more core), yet I am very open to ideas about how to reduce the risk of users not understanding how the tool works. You can expect refinements on that in the future too!


    Thread Starter bemdesign



    Until there is a completely foolproof way in WordPress core to transfer content from one editing context to another without loss of functionality or fidelity (and that is a very tricky problem I can’t even begin to fully understand!), I don’t think you can solve #3 any better than you currently have. But users being users that means that someone is not going to pay attention to the warnings and end up with “missing” content.

    I think your warning is about the best that you can provide until WordPress core can provide a good, official way of transferring content between editing contexts without losing any functionality or fidelity in the content (and maybe this is an unsolvable problem).

    Anyway, thanks again for such a great plugin!

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