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  • This may be a really dumb question to some people but…

    I’ve had a wordpress blog for about 6 months. I have not been using UTW3. I have been categorizing my posts. I’ve gotten involved in some things that require me to install additional blogs for other folks. One of my users picked a theme that requires the use of UTW3. I saw it as a good opportunity to try it out on my test site. As I played with it, it was unclear to me, how is this different than categories?
    Now it may be that I just haven’t dug deep enough or employeed the right complementary plugins. I’m not trying to suggest there is not advantages to UTW3, I’m just asking for someone to help me find them.

    Thanks very much.

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  • whooami



    You dont have to have one or the other, btw. You can have both.

    The advantage .. well it depends on how you use your tags. Lots of people over-use them in my opinion.

    Look at it this way though .. you might have a category titled “Snobby Republican Pundits”

    Within that category, you might have posts on Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh. Tagging, or using folksonomy, allows you to add additional value to those posts by tagging them with “Coulter” and “Limbaugh”, respectively.

    Thats how I use them, atleast. To provide a more indepth description that couldnt be provided simply by using categories.

    Lots of people would probably disagree with that usage, and thats fair. But, there’s a lot of debate out there regarding tagging, and specifically whether or not its even meaningful anymore because of the overuse (im not alone in that thought).

    This is a good read on the subject btw, slightly dated. but still interesting.

    thanks for the info, I have the link open and will read it shortly. Based on your idea, I tried out the idea of a subcategory as opposed to a tag, it seemed to have the same effect. If you click on Snobby Republicans, you got all the sub category stuff (Coulter, Limbaugh etc) along with anything not posted to a sub catagory (it’s just abotu snobby repubs).
    Based on your post, though, it sounds like I stumbling, stupidly into a hornets nest.

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