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  • @wealthcop


    I installed your fabulous plugin and it worked off the bat.

    May I suggest you tell potential users of Schreikasten that they must also install minimax (since I discovered this only by happy coincidence).

    My question is pretty silly. The readme page says:

    “To add a shoutbox into a page or post, use the tags __[schreikasten:title,items,rssicon]__ or __[schreikasten:items]__, where __title__ should be the text to display as header,
    __items__ is the number of items to show in every single page, and __rssicon__ (true or false) sets if you want to display the rss icon.”

    Could you provide a sample that I can copy and paste into a page to test? The sidebar widget works great, but I would like to position the shoutbox on a page.

    I tried various combinations of
    and was unable to bring up the shoutbox.

    Thank you for your help.


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By the way, I installed it here

if you wish to take a look at the behavior. In Firefox, the shoutbox will load and then on the refresh, the text on the page will go blank. The sidebar widget works perfectly.


Hi there

im using this application too – now i use the ‘schreikasten’ widget in this page

but i want it to load in this page – – not in the sidebar

i’ve followed the instructions but i only get a weird screen with a code….

can you help!?

thanks alot


Plugin Author sebaxtian


Hi dudokvandiepen

Looks like you have a plugin, or something in your theme, that modifies the scripts inside the post and adds html tags. Check this first.

Kind regards.

thanks for your quick reply!

where can i check this and what do i need to look for? i dont get it !!

i added a post with the sidebare widget – it shows on the page

but i cannot add a post with the page version!

anyone any idea?

thanks alot !

Plugin Author sebaxtian


Hi dudokvandiepen

I need you to test something in your page. First, change your theme and check again.

Then go to your plugins settings, and disable all. Then activate Schreikasten and test again. If this works, activate one by one your plugins and check which one creates the problem.

Kind regards.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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