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  • I used to use a tag plugin that would allow me to generate a tag cloud based on the last X number of posts (X being whatever number I want) or for all posts in the last Y number of days (where Y is however many days back I wanted to go). Can anybody think of a way to do this with the built in tag feature of WordPress 2.3?

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  • Bump.

    Still think you’d need a plugin for that.

    How would I code a query for getting tags from a date range or specified number of posts?

    What was the plugin you used before?

    Any chance of modifying that?

    The previous plugin was a Techniratti tagging plugin that hasn’t been support for a couple of years already. I could take the part of that plugin that queries for the posts from the given period but then I’d need to tie it into the new table structure for tags to get the tags. I was hoping someone would have thought about it already but I’ll try to do it myself if I don’t get any definitive answers here.

    Here is the code from the plugin. It gets it’s tags from the postmeta table. I’d have to adjust it to get it from the new table structure for tagging.

    [moderated code at ]

    I would also love to have this feature. I read that UTW used to be able to do this in archive pages based on the wp loop’s date range, not sure if that is something that could work with the new 2.3 tagging system.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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