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  • Are you using the plug-in Category Icons?

    If you are you need to add a patch to that plugin.


    No, I am not using any category plugins, I was using the calais auto tagger in 2.7, I have removed it and reinstalled it, but the tags wont even post in the standard wp add tags box.

    Same here. Tags aren’t working in New Post page.

    The problem is in fact, AJAX is not working in the New Post Page. Apart from the tags issue, you cannot minimize/maximize different page components.

    Same shit here –

    Ajax not working at all in new post page!

    Yeah… I have the same issue. I’m really thinking its a WP 2.8 issue. I’m running Leopard, using Safari 4 (Final) with the WebKit nightly builds and Firefox 3.0.8. It does the same thing in Ubuntu, though.

    When I try to add a category or tag and click on either box for the tag name, slug, or description, the field disappears (so I can’t enter any text) and it looks as if the blank field appears on the right side (as if I saved the tag/category). Its really odd.

    Oh well. Its not a big deal for me so far…

    Oh… BTW… in the ‘Add new Post’ section, I can add tags or categories… its only in the specific Tag & Category sections with the AJAX that have problems.

    Same problem. Can create tags in 2.7, but not 2.8.

    This is a WP2.8-wide issue which has also disabled AJAx on other AJAX-based plugins.

    Would be nice if the dev-team would post a fix on this major issue.

    Frustrating bug… While adding a New Post – Add Tag does not work as well as adding a new category. Besides that, digitz above is correct, all AJAX on that doesn’t work.

    hoping for a bug release fix soon.

    The fix seems to be a simple one, deactivate all plug-ins, then re-activate them. I have done this on 15 WP sites with a wide range of plug-ins and it has fixed each one with this problem.

    The deactivate all and then re-activate WORKED!!! I’m thrilled. I so often feel like a techno flintstone compared to others so this feels like a triumph!

    boy, sure wish it would work for just one of mine. Have 5 sites with the same plugins, but just one does not work. 🙁

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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