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  • I use the Fleximag theme and latest versions of WordPress and plugins.

    I installed the Tag Pages plugin and added tags to some pages, however they are not seen on Desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer) or on Mobile.

    Have created a trial page: ( tat contains a few tags.

    I tried turning off plugins but it did not solve the problem.

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  • Plugin Author BjornW


    Hi @lyd,

    The theme needs to support tags for pages if you want to show your pages’ tags on the frontend to your visitors. Without this tags will not be visible to your visitors.

    Hope this helps,

    Kind regards,


    I am using the Woo Canvas theme for most of my sites. Still trying to track down support on this display issue from them!

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Your plugin is great. I just want to complete the process by being able to view the tags on the frontend.

    Thank you,

    Bonnie Simrell

    Or, it occurs to me, (1) will the tags do their SEO job in the site code without front end display, or (2) can the Canvas tag cloud widget be configured to pick up different tags on different pages?

    Plugin Author BjornW


    Hi @bsimrell,

    After you’ve enabled this plugin and added tags to some pages, the tags will become a part of your pages in the database. This means a tag is added to your page, but it won’t be shown unless a theme or widget has code to access the tag(s) from the database. Since Pages don’t have tags by default in WordPress most themes and widgets will not shown them unless you tell them to.

    In some themes you need to alter some configuration settings to enable it (look for options with names such as ‘display taxonomy’. The taxonomy name is ‘tags’) or you need to add custom code to your theme or widget before Pages’ tags are shown.

    As there are countless plugins, themes & widgets I can’t say exactly how you may enable tags on the front-end with, in your case Woo Canvas. Nonetheless I hope this explanation allows you to get the right information from Woo support to show tags om the front-end of your site.

    All the best,


    Thank you for your good explanation! I have sent a support ticket to Woo, and hopefully they will help out. There is a tags cloud widget in Canvas, but I would like to assign tags to individual pages, so I will need more info on this.

    Thank you again. I’m sure you get a lot of correspondence, so your reply is especially appreciated.


    Plugin Author BjornW


    Hi Bonnie,

    No problem, just a quick note: after you’ve enabled the plugin you can assign tags to individual pages from within the wp-admin Pages interface. See the screenshot in the plugin description .

    ps: If the tags cloud widget only uses the taxonomy name and does not check the post_type it might already include the pages (together with posts) whenever you select a certain tag. You can find out by trying it 😉

    All the best,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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