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    Your Tag widget is the best I’ve found for my site, I’ve just encountering one major problem: I use Qtranslate and when I shift the language the tags don’t change, with the others tag widgets I’ve tried it was working.
    Qtranslate permit to have a translation of each tag in the database, so normally the tags must shift when changing language.

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  • Currently there is no multi language support but I will try to add that to the next release.

    I’ve just added basic support for qTranslate in the latest development version. Would you be interested in trying out a new beta version and see how the WPML integration works?

    Oh yes i would like!
    Do you talking of qtranslate or wpml?? I use only Qtranslate.

    Sorry, failed copy-paste there 🙂 I added both qtranslate and WPML support but I guess qtranslate support is relevant for you.

    I will try to release a new beta version this week.

    Oh that’s great!!! Can’t wait to try!!!
    kind regards


    The 2.2-beta2 is now available which includes qTranslate support.

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

    I’ve tried the beta this morning and it’s working when changing from french to english language, thank you so much for your work, your tag plugin really rocks.
    The only stuff missing is maybe the capability to choose different police size depending on how many related posts. I would like to have a wilder range of text size, do you know what i mean?

    If I understand you correctly this is achievable by setting the “size from” and “size to” options

    Yes, but my explanation was not clear: I mean more different step sizes!
    Instead of having only 4 or 5 different sizes, the capability of having more progressive sizes can be useful.
    For example:
    tag used 1 time: size 10
    tag used 2 times: size 11
    tag used 3 times: size 12
    etc until 10

    Thank you very much for that wonderful widget. It looks amazing, but it doesn’t work when changing the language, ever qtranslate.
    There is any special option to choose?

    I mean, the CMS works properly, but it appears both languages on my cloud ;(

    @prim32 You shouldn’t have to select any special option to get qtranslate support. Are you using the latest beta version referred to in one of my comments above?

    The feature was added recently and I haven’t made a stable release which includes qtranslate support yet.

    Yes, I am using the beta version.
    So, there is nothing I can do?
    Thanks for your answer!

    Could you please enable debugging in the advanced tab and give me an URL so that I can see the debugging output?

    So thankful!!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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