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  1. alyseparson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm using the following code:

    <?php the_tags('| Tagged <img src="wp-content/themes/bluebee/images/tags.PNG" alt="Tags" /> ',', ','.'); ?>

    Which should pop out:

    | [TAG ICON] tag1, tag2, tag3.

    But it puts:

    | Tags tag1, tag2, tag3.

    I played around with it, and it doesn't matter where I put it in the post, it still does the same thing. I changed the alt="" to find that it's putting the alt text where it says "Tags" and when I changed the alt text to "Tagsasdf" it put out:

    | Tagsasdf tag1, tag2, tag3.

    What's even more peculiar is that it works perfect when I run the theme off of my computer using xampp. It doesn't work if I'm running it from either my blog (http://www.itsalyse.com/blog) or my boyfriend's blog (http://chewbaccadefense.itsalyse.com).

    I've also tested the page to see if it's a validation issue and according to w3.org, I'm all validated... I'm terribly confused. Why does it work when I run wordpress offline, but not when I'm running it from my online server? And why is it pulling the alt text... When I took away the alt="Tags" it didn't put the image or any text... just blankness.

    Oh, and it does this in both Firefox, but in IE it shows a broken image. I don't know if that would matter or not.

    This is the image url:


    Any help?

  2. alyseparson
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I got it working... for some reason with the file name tags.PNG it wouldn't work.. so I changed it to pastaroni.png and viola!

    x_x Maybe someone who was having the same problem as me will read this and be grateful for it?

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