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  • sandhill


    Searching for ‘tags in wordpress’ led to various other things, but my question is there any plan to use tags instead of categories in WordPress. I remember there are plugins to do this but I was curious if tags are considered in the official WordPress core.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • tomhanna


    Your categories are treated as tags by Technorati, there’s no need to change anything. That said, you could always edit your sidebar or other file to change the word “Categories” to the word “Tags”.

    If your blog software supports categories and RSS/Atom (like Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, Blogware, Radio), just use the included category system and make sure you are publishing autodiscovered RSS/Atom and we will automatically include tags with your posts! Your categories will be read as tags.



    Thanks for the quick reply, Tom.

    My intention is that I find adding categories now and then to be cumbersome, and it would be much easier to simply use tags, so that I don’t need to add/remove categories every time.

    I’m just curious as to whether this was considered for WordPress, and if it will never be/might/will be implemented, and the reasons/thinking behind the decision? 🙂



    Check here sandhill:

    You’ll find several plugins that provide Technorati-like tags functionality (of one sort or another).



    I don’t consider categories to be tags. Is a category called “general” even worth consideration as a tag? Tags should be separate and distinct from categories.



    I suppose the question then is “what is a tag?”. The first place I ever ran across the term was on Technorati and they very explicitly say that they will treat categories as tags. You can also install plugins and what not to do that separately, but I don’t see any reason to “use tags instead of categories in WordPress”. If you don’t feel a particular category is descriptive enough to be a tag, that doesn’t require any special plugin to change, you just go to Manage Categories and change the name.



    Moose, I agree. Tags regard what your post is about:
    e.g. “fast+recovery” could be about someone you care about recovering fast after an accident

    Then again, “update” would be the category for follow-ups or what not.



    That would seem to argue for adding tags as a separate feature whether by plugin or in the core, not replacing categories with tags. Couldn’t you do tags pretty easily without a plugin using the custom fields feature?



    Hi all, I just wanted to know why tags were not considered to replace categories, but I think I get the overall picture now.

    I’ll use a tags plugin sometime in future.

    Thanks for all the replies 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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