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    I am configuiring a new blog, and what I’d like is to disable categories (i.e not use them and have them not appear on the templates) and instead have a blank field in the write or edit post form where one could write a list of tags ala, or ala this help forum (I see just the kind of thing I am looking for below!)

    I suspect I will need at least one plugin and a bit of template tweaking for this, but before I plough in and muck everything up, I wondered if anyone has done this before and what solution they found.

    I will also want to sort by author (it’s a community blog), in case that’s relevant (I was going to post about that separately).

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  • I think the Modified Cat2Tag plugin will accomplish what you are after. Then you could use something like Intersect to link tags a la or Simpy. Then, for Technorati Tags, you could use Garrick Van Buren’s WP-CaTT.

    Another plugin that I hadn’t seen until just now is Ultimate Tag Warrior. It supposedly wraps it all up into one nice package. I haven’t tried this one yet.

    The Modified Cat2Tag plugin works with WP-CaTT for me, although it never displays a success message for publishing a post. After a bit, I just check my site and there it is. I haven’t tested Intersect either.


    As for the sorting by author, probably the easiest way is to set up your permalink structure to include authors. Of course, this changes every permalink in your blog.

    Thanks for the tips. I am playing with Ultimate Tag Warrior. If you don’t here from me, you’ll know it worked (unless you would rather I post).

    I probably will post again about the author thing – the blog is brand new and I am still playing with it so I can do what I like with the permalink structure. In fact, when I have it how I like it, I might reinstall before I launch it, since there are some leftovers in some folders from trying some other plugins.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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