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    I am trying to add the code to incorporate tags into my theme, Connections (Patricia Muller), but I just can’t figure out where it should go so that the tags will show up. Connections uses index.php, post.php, and single.php, and I have only found explicit instructions for adding the code to themes that use index.php and single.php. I know it must be a matter of me missing something. Does anyone else out there know how to do this?

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  • It matters, where you want to display tags:

    1. For post view, open your single.php or post.php:
    a. Find the Post footer, add the tag code there.
    b. Or if you want to diplay tags within post contents, then open single.php and right after the_content or the_excerpt, add the tag code.

    2. To display tags on main page, open Index.php and repeat above steps a or b.

    Take a look at the WordPress 1.6 Default theme (wp-content/default/index.php) for an example of where to put the Template Tag, the tags() in your theme’s index.php file.

    Please understand I’m not trying to be dense — I’m usually pretty good at this kind of thing — but I don’t see a 1.6 in the archives for releases. I looked at the default theme for 1.5, but it didn’t help me. The Loop in this theme appears to be in post.php. I think I need to add the code in all three files, but when I tried to, the tags still didn’t appear, which is why I thought I was putting it in the wrong place.

    Rok, I’m going to poke around using your suggestion.

    An addendum for step b. you may find the_content or the_excerpt function in post.php also.

    I don’t know, what’s the version of connections theme you’re using.

    So just check single.php and post.php for “Post footer” and “the_content”, “the_excerpt” code.

    If you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.3, use the latest WP_tags function from the link provided by MichaelH.

    I’m still having trouble with it. I think for now, I’m going to continue using Simple Tags Plus, which was working fine for me. The tagging feature saves me 11 keystrokes over Simple Tags Plus, so maybe until the theme authors update it for 2.3, I’ll just use that.

    Thank you for your help — I usually have no problem with my upgrades, and while I don’t feel I’m an expert on WP, I know a lot more than many users, and this really frustrated me because I can usually figure things out pretty well.

    Michael Harris shared a fix for this problem with the Connections theme at his blog: WordPress 2.3, the Connections theme, and tags.

    If you go through my earlier two posts, I had said the same thing.!!

    Anyways, congrats!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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