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    Hi. Thx for a great plugin.
    It works fine, but when i change tags to something on my language (i’m russian), it gives me only one message “picturelist is empty”. It’s some kind of a charset problem i guess. But in nextgen-gallery-powertags.php file if i change all_word “All” to “Все” (i’ts all on russian), it works just fine. Any ideas how to fix it? Or you can only insert tags in english?

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  • Plugin Author sardbaba


    Hi J-Skip, you’re welcome.

    Please, check the “Translation notes” in the main plugin page.

    If you have downloaded the last plugin version, you will find a folder named “languages” in which you can find the italian version (.po file).

    If you duplicate this file adding the russian language code (ru_RU? i dunno) at the end, instead of the italian one (it_IT), and change the italian translations with the russian ones, I can add your language to the folder.


    Yes i have last plugin version. Did all you have said with .po file. It works for (All, All Tags etc.). But when i enter my own tag on galley images page. Nothing happens, it’s like there is no tag (picture doesn’t display). It’s a problem with cyrillic font i guess.

    Sry for my bad english.

    Plugin Author sardbaba


    Uhmmm yep it could be a problem with the cyrillic characters, I should verify this. If you send your .po file to my mail address ( I’ll try to investigate.

    No problem for your english, also mine is far away to be really good 😉

    Check your e-mail whenever you are free. There also is a read_me file in it. With an example.

    Ty for your help.

    Plugin Author sardbaba


    Ok I found where is the problem…
    I created a tag using “любые” and this word in the wp_terms table becomes ‘%d0%bb%d1%8e%d0%b1%d1%8b%d0%b5’.

    The problem is that before getting the picture IDs, I use this function:
    $sluglist = str_replace("%", "%%", $sluglist);
    to solve other problems, see this issue: (this code comes from the original NextGen Gallery code).
    But replacing “%” with “%%” changes the “cleaned” cyrillic word into ‘%%d0%%bb%%d1%%8e%%d0%%b1%%d1%%8b%%d0%%b5’, doubling the % symbol.

    So, ‘%%d0%%bb%%d1%%8e%%d0%%b1%%d1%%8b%%d0%%b5’ is different from ‘%d0%bb%d1%8e%d0%b1%d1%8b%d0%b5’ and you got “Picture list is empty”.

    Now, I’m sure that removing the string replace code solves your issues but I’m not sure if this causes issues in all the other languages…

    If i remove this line it kinda works, i can see images in “All” section and i can see cyrillic tags.
    But when i press on them i still got the same message “picturelist is empty”.
    P.S. latin tags work fine.

    Plugin Author sardbaba


    Ummm this is pretty strange, checked right now and it works like a charm, both latin and cyrillic, with or without permalinks.

    Please double check it.

    Do you have an access on the database? If yes, can you please check the wp_terms table and see if the word “Любые” in the name column becomes “%d0%bb%d1%8e%d0%b1%d1%8b%d0%b5” in the slug column?

    It could be a problem with the database collation (mine is set to “latin_swedish_ci” for example).


    I have deleted all tags, made new ones. Deactivated and activated your plugin. And now it’s working. With or without this line:
    $sluglist = str_replace(“%”, “%%”, $sluglist);
    Both in latin and cyrillic. Dunno what was it. Did you remove str_replace when checked?

    Anyway, thanks for the fast support and useful plugin. I’ll let you know if something goes wrong.

    With respect, J-Skip.

    Plugin Author sardbaba


    lol nop, str_replace is not removed and no plugin changes… so… mystery of faith… ehehehehe
    I mark this as resolved, feel free to re-open if it doesn’t work anymore.

    You are welcome, cheers!

    Hi. I have tha same problem.
    Last version of plugin.девушка/

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