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  • Hello, I am trying to import a WordPress blog from an old site into a new site using the built-in WordPress import and export functions, but I am running into a problem.

    My tags are importing as numbers instead of words.

    You can see the problem here: (below the first post, there will be numbers under the titles where instead there should be tag names)

    Under my post titles, there should be tag words, but instead there are numbers.

    I imported these blog posts from a WordPress MU blog, so that could be part of the problem, or it could be something else.

    Any ideas?

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  • I am getting the same problem exporting from WP 2.3 on one machine and importing to WP 2.3 on another. All of the tags become numbers.

    As I noted in my reply to simcode in his topic thread on this, it’s a reported bug:

    (simcode, really no reason to have started another thread on this issue.)

    Thread Starter liketherazor


    Thanks, that patch seemed to correctly import the tag words, but it is still importing numbers along with them.

    Any idea how to fix that?


    Using this patch I still get numbers instead of words. Plus, after adding the patch to both the exporting and importing blogs I get an error message when clicking on the export button that says this:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WP_Import in /home/.catilda/dan_imal/ on line 3

    Does the patch go on both the exporting and importing blog?

    Hey there, Dan. This is your alter ego…”Dan” and I think I found your problem. You were leaving/putting a $ in front of the patch on line 399. It looked like this:

    when it should look like this:

    Hope that works for ya

    … i put into line 399
    $post_tags[] = $interval($tag_id);
    i’m getting
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in …/import/wordpress.php on line 399
    any ideas?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: interval() in /home/…/wp-admin/import/wordpress.php on line 399

    ok, i did $post_tags[] = intval($tag_id); in line 399 and i”m getting the same problem

    whoops i wrote interval instead of intval… bleh

    – noob alert –

    How does one exactly use this patch?

    Do you have to delete every single entry? … can you mass delete them?
    Then edit the import routine?
    Then start importing again?

    I needed 5 imports to get 99% of my 400+ entries. Not exactly looking forward to that.

    Is there a conversion routine to get the # back to words?

    Plus can somebody please tell the WP heads in charge that the bug is not fixed and it is not case closed. They may know what the issue is, but it is present on my new wordpress install.

    I’m with IceRabbit — a newbie, too,

    I see code, but have no idea where to put code.

    I imported my files from to my own server — and my tags all came over as numbers, not words.

    Everything else looks great, and I’m pleased — but I really want those tags to be read by search engines AND I’d like to use a tag cloud — except that right now they all show up as numbers. Can’t be used.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


    Me too, me too, ME TOO!

    Me too has problem, me too no has smarts to fix (without more explicit info).

    Thanks in advance, y’all

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Is there a conversion routine to get the # back to words?

    No, nor is one possible. The data is lost during the import.

    Restore your database to the way it was (you *do* have a backup, right?), then apply this fix (modify line 399 of import/wordpress.php), then reimport all the data that you imported before.

    Can’t apply the fix yourself? Download the fixed version of import/wordpress.php from here:

    Thank YOU! I’m now, or about to become, a happy camper.

    The issue wasn’t an inability to make the patch, but I suspect we all were in a fog because the pieces of this puzzle were spread all around—the patch was referenced somewhere else, for example. (Not a complaint, just an observation).

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