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  • Is there a plugin that slaps tags on your blogroll? I’ve been searching around, but no luck yet.

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  • What sort of tags?

    Like regular ol’ web 2.0 tags.

    Yes – exactly what I need as well. The same tags with which one marks posts should be usable on blogroll links as well. Gives a similar functionality as the tagging networks (digg, etc), but within your site.

    In order to keep categories to a minimum, but still allow users access to the ‘tag’ folksonomy that is more open, the ability to tag blogroll links would be ideal. Thus, a link could be assigned to an overall category, yet also be related to other links AND posts via tags.

    Not that I have the technical expertise to do so, but given the ‘comments’ field on the blogroll link form now, it should not be difficult to add a ‘tag’ field matching the ‘tag’ field on posts. Would provide great functionality.

    Does anyone know if the taxonomy group is working on or looking at something like this?

    Bump. Looking around for this function too 🙂

    Bump. I was just looking for this myself. My old site has 5000 links and each one has a category and a subcategory. Blogroll links don’t support subcategories, so I was hoping to use multiple tags for each one. Even better would be widgets that do the same tag matches as postings, such as “related links” and “most popular”.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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