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    I am not sure what happened. I upgraded to 2.8.4 about 2 weeks ago. About two days ago I lost all my tags, categories, links and some sidebar functionality. I did not save a backup as my host service does that and if there is an issue I can usually restore the site. When the problem happened I contacted my service but as can sometimes be the case the guy there did not restore the site to a week or go or know how to deal with the problem. So now am I stuck with no tags or categories or ability to display links in my sidebar?

    I can see my tags on my tag page in the admin area and my links as well, but all categories are gone. On my edit page I can see no categories. The field is blank. If I try to add a new category nothing happens. Same with tags. I can enter a tag but it never appears. My link widget just not work at all.

    I will not get any help form the tech guy there. Maybe the guy I deal with usually will be back from vacation soon and something can be sorted out, but why can’t I at least add new tags and categories? Why can’t I display my blogroll?

    I have nothing to restore it seems. I will now do my own database backup when I upgrade (should have already I guess).

    Anyone know why this is? the topic appears to unresolved in the forum posts.


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  • I found some partial answer at this forum:

    But I am simply not sure what it all means and I will contact the guy who gave the reply. Seems to be saying we have to go into mysql and backup our mysql database and then then delete it and then install afresh one? But that sounds pretty difficult and problematic. Can anyone explain in more detail how this is done if that proves to be what has to be done?


    Is some relatively easy fix for this issue:

    My tags and categories still seem to exist somewhere. I cannot add new categories or if I add with with the same name of an existing category it says category already exists. Seems there needs to be something to connect my tags, links and categories from my site to my database.

    They have not really vanished into thing air.

    I cannot find a solution yet. Have looked all day. I do not have backup of my database before the problem. This was not saved by my hosting service as it should have been but that is water under the bridge.

    Any doable solutions???


    one of three problems solved. I got my links back by not using the WP default link widget but downloaded the free-reading blogroll that require entry of a Google API key. That works.

    From what I read I am not alone in this issue with tags and categories. Please, any help. This is not just for me.


    Got the same issues. Can’t see my tags & categories anymore in the admin panel of WordPress.

    A quick look at the database tells me that the relationships still exist. The admin panel also conforms it because it actually shows paging buttons of the existing categories (without showing the actual categories themselves)

    You can also access the categories via the edit form:
    wp-admin/categories.php?action=edit&cat_ID= and edit them.


    Yea, it is really over my head. I can still edit tags from my admin area, but I cannot even see my categories, though I know they exist because if I try to create a new category with the same name I cannot. Tags are somewhere as well because I can open a tag cloud widget and they appear.

    Also a widget I used for quotes does not receive the quotes any longer. I know I have some glitched in my database since 2.8 that I need my host provider to fix but I do not see the connection to all of this. I wonder if 2.8.5 will fix this stuff? On my posts all I have is uncategorized for categories. On my admin page all my posts show no tags, no categories, but like you said they are there somewhere, along with tags. The link fix above does not really solve the real issue, that my blogroll vanished as well. I am using some sort of RSS blogroll.

    Thanks for the comment and lets hope this has some resolution someday.


    I do not know what happened but the problem, after almost a week or so, fixed itself. All tags and categories and missing widgets returned on their own. IS this the solution here? Wait? Anyway, happy to them all back.

    I got the exact same thing, all my categories are showing again.

    My are gone again 🙁 actually the widget appears adn i cans ee them on my edit page, but they do not appear under posts and if I click on a category from the sidebar widget I get a ‘not found’ message.

    Certainly hope 2.8.5 fixes this.

    And now the next day are back again. Okay, so maybe they will simply come and go. I have no idea what the problem might be but for now, as far as widgets and plugins, I am not going to touch anything and see what happens.

    Beginning to suspect the problem for me may ave been a plugin/widget called Random Quotes, or something, that was Ajax based. Will report back in about a week if problem returns or not.

    Sigh, gone again later the same night. I give up (since not one here is able or willing to help anyway) and if I have categories and tags I do and I if I don’t I don’t. Not going to get assistance here… again.

    My categories are still showing. Certainly strange behaviour. I’m curious, which widgets & plugins are you using Bill?

    I can make a list later maybe, thanks. I have deactivated all plugins and there was no change. Or no immediate change anyway, but seems if the problem is a plugin the matter would clear up finally soon after deactivation. just not sure what widget would do something like this this and may soon remove all widgets and build the sidebar back up later to see if that helps though I have little hope. Not even hopeful about the next upgrade.

    I assume you just did nothing and they returned? And stayed even after adding new posts? What a whacky and frustrating problem.

    Thanks for the update on your situation

    Update: In a new twist the category widget has vanished. I do not mean from my home page but from the widget page. I removed it from the active widget list and then it simply vanished. I just deactivated all plugins and all widgets, my sidebar is blank (hassle to build this back later) and still the same problem.

    I have not done anything to any WordPress files before this happened such as .htaccess or any php files. In fact I really do not mess with any of that. I can only thing that the problem is with the version itself. Not sure and no feedback from WP on this. It is a non-issue it seems to the people to run the place.

    p.s. my site address is:

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