• Is there a way to have the tags (other than cutting and pasting each one) show up as the ALT tag information? I’ve got 4,200 images for sale on my site (harterimages.com) and I would like my images to show up on Google Images, but NextGen defaults the non-descriptive image name as the ALT text. Looked for a plugin or setting that would allow this, but no luck.


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  • Does anyone from NextGEN read these? How about a self-developer? I’d donate for a plug-in that does this.

    Im having the same issue here and would like to be able to do this – did you ever find a solution, or can anyone else help?

    Nothing shows up on google and I get a lot of seo errors in regards to this, as it only uses the default file name not the tags … it would seem to me to be a no-brainer to use those instead of the filename?

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