• I was wanting to know about using tags for SEO.

    1. Do the tags need to words from your blog post?

    2. Are you best to use each keyword as a tag?

    3. Is there a limit to how many tags you shopuld use, or is it best to use as many as possible?

    Thank you
    Sanjay Deva

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  • You’re asking the age old SEO questions, hehe.

    1. I would highly recommend they do.

    2. Yeah, it’s a pretty good idea as it keeps them relevant.

    3. You should limit your keywords (no one really knows what to, I’ve heard of limiting them to seven) so you don’t get in trouble for keyword spamming.

    what are tags:

    tags can be used as meta keywords for your contents. They helps visitors to reach your blog, and also search engines. So it is highly recommended to use proper tags.

    All in seo is one of the best tool for SEOs

    Normally using 5-7 keywords is best for a 300 word blog.

    Warm regards

    I would use the All-in-one-SEO-pack. You can search for it on your WP Dashboard. Definitely use your keywords in your post title, but don’t over-do it. Limit the post title to 3 keywords MAX. It WILL look like spam if you do any more than this, and it will also make it harder for search engines to know what your post is about, ESPECIALLY Google. Keywords as tags are a great idea, because it will help search engines find you as well. Some of them don’t support the meta keywords tag in the head of your page, so the tag is another way for spiders to find it. Hope this has been of some help. 😉



    I recommend Headspace over All In One SEO.

    I want to know what is the ideal number for meta tag keywords and the length of mata tag description.
    As I heard Google shows around 10 words as title and 230 chars as description, is it true or its just a approximation. On my blog Abhishek tech blog I have installed All in one SEO pack where I used to change title and description values. But I am not sure what is about to exact length.
    If I am mentioning meta keyword for a post will it be there or it will be overridden by post tags.

    check out this top video from google seo…

    I do not like tags, I have stopped using them for seo. They look messy and you must ensure the tags are set up so they ae not producing duplicate content as with archives and users.

    Your better off optimising the page where the keywords feature and build that pages authority.

    I wouldn’t worry about meta keywords much these days anymore. Instead I would focus on using your targeted keywords in your blog posts, as often as possible while keeping them as relevant as possible.

    The seo world is slowly replacing the keywords meta tag, soon it will be gone.

    For the moment tags seem to be in.

    It will mainly compromise of site quality with relation to the content and USER submitted tags.

    Links must be acurate to a certain degree in what your blog is about as well as having non seo links.

    rbright77 i think giving up on tags alltogether is a bit drastic they dont help as much as ppl think but they are a help and part of the formuar for ranking.

    hi, every one. In fact I noticed that many famous seo blog do not have tags.

    I don’t like to remove the tags, it is one important point to improve user experience. However it is not good for seo.

    Therefor, I tried to add nofollow to tag links. However, I can not find the files where I can modify. Can you please tell me some infomation?

    Which can I modified the_tags this function. Thanks!

    Best regards!

    And I’d recommend not to use title tag for spam, it’s used for browser navigation (tabs and history).

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