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  • I am not using the visual rich editor on my site, but WordPress (i’m pretty sure) is adding code to mine. Go figure that after all the discussion about making WordPress stop taking out break tags that I’m having problems with them being added, and there doesn’t seem to be any logic to it. Plus, when I go to Manage Pages and view my code, the added tags are not there. I only see them when I view the source from the browser. Which indicates to me that this is a server side issue.

    When I view my page in Firefox, it only adds code for seemingly random reasons; code isn’t perfectly nested in the editor or I insert the code into a list tag.

    When I view my page in IE7, it just goes wild adding paragraph tags and break tags. It seems to want to add code after every nested line with content.

    I’m totally blown away by this because my ability to control how my site looks in each browser is absolutely destroyed. Pretty frustrating problem.

    Is this in fact WordPress? It’s not the javascript that I’ve added to my site because I’ve removed it to see if so.

    Please help. It’s really just a simple form that I’m trying to publish:

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  • i have the same issue on the website i am trying to build now, for example this test page

    As you can see the line breaks doesn’t work, and the code looks exactly like this

    Test for tags.
    Should be 1 blank line after this line
    Should be 2 blank lines after this line
    Should be 3 blank lines after this line
    Test stop.

    Version is 2.3, trying to update now to 2.3.1 to see if it solves anything, btw, shouldn’t there be a easy to find changes page to see what changed from 1 version to another ? Or maybe it is i couldn’t find it :p

    well, my problem is that I’m finding extra code in my xhtml that adds breaks that I don’t want. For some reason, Firefox just ignores the added code (thanks for that small favor). But, IE displays the xhtml with the added breaks (like it should though I don’t want it).

    It only happens within my form. Here’s an example of what I mean:

    this code

    <div class="unrequired">
    <label for="proftitle">Professional Title</label>
    <input type="text" name="proftitle" id="proftitle" />
    <legend>Contact Information</legend>

    is rendered into the browser like this

    <div class="unrequired">
    <label for="proftitle">Professional Title</label></p>
    <input type="text" name="proftitle" id="proftitle" />
    <p></fieldset><br />
    <fieldset><br />
    <legend>Contact Information</legend></p>

    In my original code, I don’t have any unclosed paragraphs (anywhere, I promise), but it adds all that code. The real doozy is that it doesn’t show up this way when I return to Manage Pages.

    well, I have to conclude from the fact that my forum post is being ignored that I just need to restructure the way I use forms through WordPress. The problem seems to only occur with my form and not with the normal xhtml (but isn’t a form somewhat normal xhtml?).

    I’ve decided to add the guidelines and such for the form in a WordPress generated page, and I’ll put the actual form in my /scripts folder. I didn’t want to do this because I want my form to be easily generated in the sidebar navigation of all my pages, and I want the navigation on the form’s page to also easily generate the sidebar navigation.

    Obviously, my problem is only a design problem, and it doesn’t affect the delivery of my form. BUT!!! I sure would have liked to have kept the form in a WordPress generated page with no design issues!! I could have used tables to solve my problem, but I’m trying very hard to be a good little 21st century coder 🙂 Maybe when I finish learning PHP this won’t be such a problem (maybe).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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