• Why all my general tags (not created in the plugin) are all imported in Amministrazione trasparente plugin (Page Tags in Amministrazione trasparente counts all documents)?
    Have i made something wrong?

    NB: It’s a big plugin and useful for my website.
    Thanks for your attention

    PS a tag created in Amministrazione trasparente doesn’t find the right associated document .


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  • Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    Hi Fario,
    as regards tags, i’ve choosen to use the native wordpress’ ones. So they are shared by post and Amministrazione Trasparente. I think this can only be useful since you could create some others view where showing both.

    In addition, the plugin makes a little hack to WP Archives in order to show multiple custom post type in one archive (post+documenti trasparenza). Doesn’t this work in your website? What theme are you using? What’s the url?

    Hope to help you again.
    Thank You

    PS. For faster support please use my support forum.

    Thanks, italian support is ok.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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