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    I upgraded the Simple Forum plugin. I got all kinds of error messages so after several tries the only thing that worked was to deactivate, uninstall (also drop SF tables). The end result was I lost all my “PAGES” and the linking ability of “TAGS”. I can see my tags in the posts and tag cloud (I am on sidebar widget, simple tagging, simple tagging widget) but the tag links gives me a 404 message. This occurs on posts both prior and after the table drop.

    The SF developer has been very helpful but says this is a WP issue now.

    The tag problem occurred one week ago yesterday. As of yesterday my usual tag links on Google have gone away and what was steady traffic has slowed down 1000% it seems. It seems the bots can’t see my tags, or maybe they see them but it goes nowhere (I guess I don’t understand exactly how these bots work after this experience)

    Revert to backup is not an option.

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  • I wrote two new pages and see them in the wp-post table. So it seems strange that the posts are still there but not the “pages” so maybe the pages are still in the database.

    That said, since the tags are generated by the Simple Tagging plug I went into admin area of the plugin. I found files that were not tagged and it listed about 10 “pages” that I thought were dropped! This is good news.

    I am going to contact the developer of Simple Tagging hoping they support the plug and may have insight what is going on with the tags.

    Things are so bad with Google now that I am no longer getting ads relating to my posts but am getting the default ads.

    i don’t know what just happened. i did not do anything today but rename an errant tag. the correct tag is “environment” and there was a tag = enviroment. i deleted the misspelled tag. that’s the only change i made, the rest of my time was going through the tag options in the admin section.

    as i was writing the support forum for Simple Tagging (which is now obsolete being replaced by Simple Tag for WP v2.3) to see if the plug was supported i added a brand new tag “test” to see if a brand new tag would work after the SF upgrade. well it does. not only that. it appears all tags are working now, both in the post and the tag cloud.

    i won’t mark this resolved just yet. but i have a good feeling.

    Still not out of this. I found the “Pages” but not in the “manage pages” in admin because they are not there except for the three new pages i made as a test. And I still get the 404 message.

    I did find them in the category “Uncatergorized” which was not where they were before all of this happened. All 22 pages are sitting here. So my admin is a bit tricked out regarding pages. Any thoughts here? I can copy/paste the contact and make new pages = same thing with new ID’s. Or is there a way to fix the admin?

    One other qurk about “admin” regarding the tags. If I link on a tag on a blog page it works. When I click the same tag in “manage tags” in admin = 404.

    Also, I usually get a Google “tag” search hit every couple of minutes. Well it has been 12 hrs since the tags worked on the blog page. But I have not had a Google “tag” search hit in over 24 hrs. Maybe Google will take a couple of days to get ramped up again? Or maybe tags are not real even though I see them. Just thinking out loud here.

    the resolution to this was the realization that all my “pages” were converted to “posts” so i lost only a small amount of content but made new pages and deleted posts.

    i did lose a lot of google rank in the process. more on this in a “new topic”

    here is a big lesson learn. backup, backup, backup. make sure your isp is backed up. even if you pay a premium for the isp to backup, make sure everything is working. also, learn how to backup configure your cpanel, etc. and backup db and put on your hard drive too.

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