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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest a good Technorati Tag plugin. I’ve been using Bunny Tags but have encountered some issues with it and I’d like some other options. I’ve gone thru the Plugin Database but it doesn’t seem like there are many plugins for Technorati Tagging (which really surprised me, I thought it would be a popular utility)

    Ideas, Suggestions, or any feedback is as always, appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Ultimate Tag Warrior (aka UTW) is probably the most commonly used one you’ll find.

    WRONG! It’s “Jeromes Keywords”! 😉 but nevermind…

    as WP2.2 brings Tagging-Functionality you could just wait that week and then you don’t need a plugin for this at all.

    As 2.2 currently has “tagging” with it, I wouldn’t hold your breath on the actual release date. There’s a very very long discussion going on about this on the wp-hackers email list…

    Some folks want it ripped out of 2.2 and postponed till 2.3. Some say to keep it in 2.2, and just bump the release date up for a bit, others want the database schema changed up too before release.. it’s a huge debate…

    Though I chose to bump the release date, since it too me forever to change over from my 800 some UTW tags to the WP 2.2 tag features sigh.. See it on my site:

    The tag cloud is pure WP driven and the tags themselves as well! 😀

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The current implementation of tags in 2.2 is a hideous travesty, and I will absolutely not be upgrading to 2.2 as long as it remains like that. I’d fork and rewrite it into my own blogging system before I’d ever consider using that mess.

    I seriously cannot understand why some of the main devs do not seem to understand even the most basic relational database design principles. It’s gotten so bad that WordPress is now a running joke on any large scale forums (digg, slashdot) from its ridiculous inability to handle any kind of serious load, and the frankly insane database design is directly responsible for that.

    Oh, I totally agree with you Otto42. It IS a complete mess sigh. They need to either hold off on the release date, get things situated, or, release a 2.2 branch version that doesn’t contain the tags at all. Then start on the production of it again, after that… (which of course NEEDS serious TLC)

    As for the database related stuff, I’m not a guru with that. But I agree with what you’re saying, and what’s being said on the list(s) for improving it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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