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  • Yep yet another strange problem with my language Swedish 😉
    When we use WP2.0.5 (probably all versions) and use Technorati tagging plugin like simpletags, Autometa, bunny-tags etc. And we have our blog in Swedish, probably all languages that are not UTF-8, all tags with å, ä ö (Ä, Ä, Ö) become strange if we take the tag Lägg till Favoriter becomes L%E4gg+till+Favoriter, it has to be something with the coding. If you look at Meta key words it works perfect. I know from other persons that Technorati uses Å, Ä, Ö for tagging.

    I have tried to have the blog in UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 with the same result!
    If you put the mouse over the Techno-word the link is, no wonder that all Swedish words will not link correctly, there is no word for L%E4gg, all other languages that have special signs should have the same problem.

    Do anyone know about a Technorati words plugin that works with these type of special signs??

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  • I’m Norwegian, been through some special character troubles myself. Have you tried changing the special characters to HTML-entities? Like å instead of å and Å instead of Å?

    Edit: Forgot to put code between code-tags.

    You are right, I will try that also and see if it works. I went in to technorati and searched for ärligt, and didn´t find anything. Technorati suggested to take this link in the page: <a href="//"" rel=""tag"">ärligt</a> Same thing? strange? I understand that you can´t have urls with å, ä, ö. Perhaps it´s no problem, since the tag is ärligt but the searchlink is
    Can someone help, are I´m misstaking?

    I´m going to try to make a tag with ärligt, ping Technorati and try to search for ärligt. I´ll be back with result!

    It seems like technorati makes the wright assumption with
    <a href="//"" rel=""tag"">ärligt</a> but SimpleTags (and the others) make the wrong one
    <a href="" rel="tag">rligt</a>

    seems like technorati finds the word anyway:
    but the taglink on my page is wrong, Techno recognizes it anyway from the text.

    So it seems like we in the nordic countries and others, simply have to manually make Technolinks like:
    <a href="" rel="tag">ärligt</a>
    Sound stupid, but I havent found any other solution for this issue!

    Question do WP use UTF-8 internally? Probably!
    can you change it to ISO-8859-1?

    Of course. Go to wp-admin –> Options –> Reading

    How stupid of me to overlook that. =)

    he he, That is set of course 😉
    Both in wp-config and there.

    I mean in WP totally, I think that is impossible, you probably have to change all php scripts. I understand why! Since UTF-8 seems to be the future, not for us but!

    could be one way?? perhaps

    I have not tried to use SimpleTags. Have you tried Ultimate Tag Warrior?

    In any case, if the plugin is not interpreting characters and producing the correct UTF-8 characters, I suggest you contact the author of the plugin to have them fix it.

    You WANT to use UTF-8. You do not want to try using ISO. That will only make things more difficult. UTF-8 supports all the Unicode character set, it’s just a matter of the plugin doing UTF-8 properly.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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