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  • I believe I have a situation that many have faced in the past. I will attempt to describe this case so that you can recommend to me the best approach. I’m going for clarity over brevity so please bear with me. You help is much appreciated.

    I have a blog called BorderLeap. The blog will soon have four different types of content:

    • Editorials (my commentary on events or news)
    • News (daily list of relevant news)
    • Research
    • Points of Interest (links to relevant interactive work)

    Each of these types of content will fall into one of several groups. These groups span across all types of content. A few example groups are:

    • User-Generated
    • Community Building
    • Trends
    • Shopping
    • Personalization

    There will be News articles falling under a group (for example “Personalization”), as well as Editorials, Research, etc.

    As far as navigation is concerned, I would like to stick with the current tabbed method breaking things down by the four categories I listed above (News, Editorials, Research, Points of Interest). So I think it would make sense to keep the various types (News, Research) as Categories.

    Now, for the groups (e.g. Trends) I understand that I can simply assign Tags for each of the groups to each type (category). Just to be clear, this means an article titled: “Reebok Custom: my shoes my way” could be in the “News” category and could be tagged with Shopping.

    But, this isn’t exactly what I want. I would like to have categories pretty much as I described it, but I would also like to have an index page setup for each of the different groups (e.g. “Shopping”). These index pages would have all content very all categories.

    And the last twist is that I also need to use traditional Tags for sites like Technorati and for search. Going back to the fictitious article, some tags would be: reebok,rbk,personalization,athleticfootwear,sneakers.

    I feel like I should keep Tags as they are intended, but then, how do I also have index pages that span multiple categories based on pseudo categories? One possible solution would be to create a series of sub-categories for the various types I listed above (e.g. Shopping). Could I then create an index page that would span each category?

    As you can see, I’m pretty confused. I would think that this question has been answered in many places in the past but I’ve been unable to get an answer as clear as I need. Your help is appreciated.

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