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    Yesterday I implemented tags into my system.
    I added two tags, IDF and IGSA.
    So far I only have events with the IDF tag.
    If I list all events with that tag, the site title =
    | SITENAME (
    instead of
    For categories it works, but not for tags.

    I am using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin.
    I defined specific tag titles for both tags as well as a description.
    I tried to display the tag description with #_TAGNOTES and #_CATEGORYNOTES.
    Both don’t work.

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    oops, I was logged in with ssl –

    I was using single placeholders, but I changed it to


    and it still works fine…

    i just don’t see how programatically this can have an effect on the title of the page. i may be wrong, but I just can’t imagine how it could…

    I don’t get it… If I remove Glory Hill the problem is gone, so I assume that causes it.

    Glory Hill Outhil Outlaw is a 1 day event with event times.

    Le Saint Patik #3 is a 2 day event with event times (have another issue with this item but I’ll get to that in a seperate thread, since it’s not related imo).

    All other events are multiple day, all day events.

    I can give you wp-admin access if you wanna take a look ?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    i’m going to be looking at some other things regarding the category/tag pages so maybe when I do sort that out it may help. if still no then Ill consider having a closer look.

    what about if you create a test 1 day event, does it break the title then?

    That ‘test’ one day event is just what is causing the problem with me. This post seems to be causing it (only on category pages now): because I put it on pending the error is gone.

    This is a 1 day event with specific event times (the rest has no times specified).

    I tried to add a day to the event, but it didn’t work, no difference.

    I will create a login with the email address I have for you.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    before that, please try creating a new event that lasts one day and see if that helps

    if it doesn’t break it, try creating (don’t duplicate) the offending event again and see if that breaks it

    must it be an event which comes first in line ?
    as in with its date before Glory Hill Outlaw ?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    try the same dates, different dates, etc. what we’re trying to do is duplicate the creation of an event that causes this problem too in the same category. There must be a common denominator somewhere…

    if Glory Hill was the first event in line then try that too, you could try creating a replica but without using our duplicate function.

    I created another event. Gave it the same details as the other one (except slug). Put the original event in pending. And it seems to works now.

    what casused it ? NO IDEA !

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    i had a feeling… one of those cases where it’s probably best not to ask why and move on 🙂

    glad you sorted it out!

    lol… maybe it is… but it kinda puzzle(d) me.. 🙂
    glad it works, thanks for the help…
    appreciate it.

    and we’re back 🙂


    I just added a (brand new) one day event again and it’s on again…

    This was the category Misc, before I entered the event (I remember to take a screenshot before)

    Then I took a screenshot after…

    Is it me 🙂 ?

    oh btw, it only happens when you click the direct link to the subcategory.

    If you filter the events through the searchform, the title of the events page is used so nothing to be seen there.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    so the question is… what are you doing specifically to trigger this?

    what’s so special about the event info you’re entering (or how you’re entering it) to cause this event to create the problem?

    does it happen if you delete the event and re-create it like before?

    I created a new event, I didn’t duplicate anything.
    I set the begin/end date (which is the same), I set the time, the location, chosse a category and I published it.

    It’s all real standard, I don’t use any custom hacks or so.


    I deleted the event, emptied trash and made a new event, with exactly the same details and the same way I did it before.

    For now it’s gone again, but it really puzzles me.
    Don’t wanna add each one day event, then delete it and re-add it.

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