• I recently moved from WordPress.com and secured my own hosting. I’m still using the same theme (fjords 04) but now for some reason my tags will not show up in my posts. I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is! Can anybody help me figure out how to display both categories and tags on a published post?


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    You may want to try downloading the copy from wordpress.com from here. That copy has tag support built into it.

    (Also backup your files before playing around with your theme…)

    Thank you!

    Okay..question..I went to download that stuff but I stopped because I noticed that the link you sent me did not take me to WordPress.com like you suggested…it took me to:


    An attempt to load that URL at the root level gave me a permission denied sort of message. If you’re really trying to help me, I thank you, but it seemed as though you might have handed down a private link because — well, who knows? Maybe you altered the code in that theme, maybe there’s a virus, or God knows what. I think I’ll just go find it through them. Thanks!


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Well, that’s not a private link exactly. Automattic is the company behind WordPress.com.

    It’s a SVN repository and many people are unfamiliar with that. It’s just where Automattic shares it’s GPL’ed themes.

    I’ll make it easier for you, here is a link to that theme on my website.


    I’ve zip’ed it up for you; I have not made any changes to the WordPress.com copy.

    Just extract it into your wp-content/themes directory. It will extract a directory called fjords-wordpress-com. If you activate it on your blog it should be good.

    I checked on a test blog, this copy does support tags.

    Good luck.

    Hi jmkwriteswell, thanks a lot for the pointer to the wpcom svn repository for themes. I had been going from one site to the other for hours in order to solve another problem, that of gravatars not appearing in the comments. This did the trick and saved my day. Thanks again.

    By the way, are there any other files that we can download from automattic’s svn repository besides themes? I’m having a problem with the default “recent comments” plugin not showing gravatars that I can set to a certain size (like wordpress.com offers), and with setting a default avatar to my liking (identicon) when a commenter doesn’t have a gravatar. Your input would be much appreciated.

    Oops! sorry, that previous post should have been addressed to jdembowski. Sorry about that.

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