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  • New here.

    My blog is set up so I can inform friends and family on my health, which is not good.

    Is it important to show tags in the sidebar as in the Default WP theme, expecially in a personal “journal” like my blog? Attracting outsiders will never be a high priority. I use tags in posts, so search engines will cover those interested in the subject, won’t they?

    Regarding pages… A friend who is a webpro with a lot of WP experience told me to limit Pages. However, I do have information I want to share about medical aspects of my condition and treatments that ought to be static.

    Can the word “Pages” be changed? I see a lot of sidebars with an “Articles” section.

    Can the order they are listed in the sidebar be changed? I have plug-in for that but it only changes the top horizontal menu which I don’t want anyway.

    Thanks for an help you can offer. It’s been a lot of fun for my wife and I so far and it’s probably saving me an hour or two a day that’s been spent answering emails and phone calls with “How are doing?” question.

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  • 1. It is not necessary to display the tgas in the sidebar.
    2. Yes, you can change the “pages” to anything you want. This is the template tag that displays the list: Template_Tags/wp_list_pages
    (see the examples there)
    3. see #2

    Note. If you are using the widgets in your sidebar(s) – they overwrite everything that is hand coded in the sidebar.php file, in which case #2 will not have any effect.

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