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    In v5.3.3 tag manager now can be selected without warnin; nice!

    But I’m missing documentation on how to use that option.

    My first question is: Where to find the Web Container ID?
    I couldn’t find an example in your video/documentation…

    When I try the “advanced settings”, I fail in answering the question about the Client Secret.
    I tried using the Authentication code created in non development mode, but that results in a 401 error, what is most probably due to the fact that the access code already was used in no advanced settings, and only can be used once).
    So my second question is: How and where can I get the Client Secret?
    Again: I did not find any hint on this topic in the doc.

    I know I could use “the old way” (“Analytics”), which at the end works.
    But other areas of the website (not managed under WordPress) already use gtag, and Google gives the advice to not mixing technologies.

    Thanks for your help!

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    1. In Google Tag Manager, your container ID is, formatted as “GTM-XXXXXX”.
    2. If you need to do the advanced settings, you’d have to register an application in the Google API Console. Please see step 1 in this guide: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/config/mgmt/v3/quickstart/installed-java

    Additional Notes:
    Step 2 is likely more work than necessary; most users would not require the advanced settings.

    Analytics (the old way) currently has more features such as event tracking.

    It would be alright to use gtag.js for all your other tags, and use analytics.js for GA until gtag catches up (or Google changes everything again) if you want the better features.

    Hi all,

    @hnuecke GADWP has gtag.js support. To use gtag.js, simply select Analytics (not Tag Manager) and switch on use global site tag gtag.js.

    That will be it! To use gtag.js, Google Tag Manager is not required.

    Thank you all for your guidance and help!

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