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%tag% in permalinks doesn’t work

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  • http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks#Choosing_your_permalink_structure

    you can’t use %tag% in your permalinks but can use it as the category base

    That article seems to indicate that %tag% is an option for permalinks.

    To test this theory out, I MANUALLY typed the permalink with the tag in my browser and it worked perfectly.

    For example:

    My custom structure: /%year%/%category%/%tag%/%postname%
    Sample tag: hockey
    Sample category: sports

    The URL will than look like: http://www.website.com/2009/sports/hockey/chicago-blackhawks-win

    When I access this in the browser, it works fine.

    HOWEVER, when I click it from the blog, it returns this link: http://www.website.com/2009/sports/%tag%/chicago-blackhawks-win

    This obviously means the %tag% permalink works; it’s just that WordPress isn’t linking to it properly.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    I’m actually having this issue, too. Since it works otherwise fine EXCEPT for permalink generation, I figured it’s got to be something wrong in the permalink generation, and this is the (hacky) thing I ended up doing (this is WP 3.0):

    Go to /wp-includes/link-template.php

    Go to the function “get_permalink”. in the array $rewritecode, add another entry of ‘%tag%’ at the very end. You will also have to add a corresponding entry at the end of $rewritereplace. Before that array is declared, I did:

    $post_tag_name = get_the_tags($post->ID);
        if (!empty($post_tag_name))
            foreach($post_tag_name as $tag)
                $post_tag_name = $tag->slug;

    And then at the end of $rewritereplace, I added $post_tag_name.

    I presume you can do the same thing for custom taxonomies.

    This is pretty hacky, but it works. Ideally, this should be a plugin, but I don’t care enough right now to do it right.

    Yes… this is a problem I have discovered as well.

    I have to use tags because WordPress refuses to use anything but nested categories for permalinks. No way to just use your primary category for permalinks like many blogs/newspapers do, e.g. times.co/hockey and times.co/football and instead it will put permalinks in as times.co/hockey/blackhawks/postname etc. It just gets far too long and there is no ability to edit slugs so you can have a long visual name and short slug. Very, very bad system in 3.0. Dumbing down the slugs is a poor idea and an error message after validation would be fine like “the slug you are using is being used for another category.”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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