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  • I found a few people asking this question and getting answers about what tags are intended for that didn’t really prove helpful, so I apologize for asking again if there is a good answer somewhere.

    I’ve been running a large wp site for a year and have accumulated about 1000 different tags. The posts are about art exhibitions, and I’ve tagged them with the city, country and gallery where the show was held, as well as the names of any artists or curators involved. This is already somewhat helpful, because if you’re looking for more exhibitions in a certain city or by a certain artist, it’s easy to get all of them in one place. But I’d like to allow users to browse a list of all of the cities, artists and so on as a way of more easily accessing the archive. I already have all of this information in tags, what I need to do is be able to group tags into tag-categories, or put another way to develop a hierarchy, where the tag “city” is higher than the tag “Antwerp”.

    What’s my best bet?

    Thanks very much for your help.

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  • 1. Use categories
    2. Use a custom taxonomy that is hierarchical
    3. Use tags and categories with no ‘real’ hierarchy but then use something like TDO Tag Fixes to help you with category/tag intersections

    Thanks for the reply!

    1. I already use categories for types of posts (exhibitions, announcements, etc.) and anyway I don’t want the posts categorized, I want the tags categorized. Every post has a city tag, categorizing the posts as “city” wouldn’t make sense.

    2. I already have all of the information in nearly 1000 tags. I need to be able to use the tagging I’ve already done. Is there a way to set up a custom taxonomy that can import the tags I’ve used? And can it replicate the other functions of tagging, like the tag cloud and so on?

    3. Looking at the link I can’t seem to understand what that plugin does. As with #1, I use categories for a different purpose and so the solution I find can’t rely on categories.

    Thanks very much for your help. I’d love it if the taxonomy thing works out, but it would take countless hours to enter all of the information for all of the posts (about 500 so far) into a new system. The benefit of using tags for this is that the system should know that “Brussels” is a city, so anything I tag with brussels automatically goes there. It would take more time each post to have to select city>brussels and so on for each post. Typing four or five tags is much better.

    Thanks again,

    2. Not sure…could be as simple as changing the taxonomy in wp_term_taxonomy from post_tag to whatever the new taxonomy is called. Then go through the process of identifying parent/child relationships.
    Justin Tadlock has a series of articles on custom taxonomies that you might read:

    I need hierarchical tagging too. Has anyone made a formal feature request on trac?



    I agree that this is a must for WordPress. Even a relation element to connect the individual tags — e.g., rel=”city” — could work. Then you could organize a tag page by relationships.

    I would use this as well for my blogs where I have a lot of tags that could be organized by type.



    Sounds great; how do we try to get this done?


    Miqrogroove mentioned making a “formal feature request”. How do we do that and how long does the process usually take from there? I could really use this functionality.

    This post has the solution for what you’re looking for

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