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  • I organize the galleries by tag word, but when you click “next” it doesn’t go to the next image in that tag-gallery. It goes to some other image that isn’t even included with that tag! Please help, since this is an essential part to my website.

    Example HERE Click a character. Each one should have a gallery of every picture that features their name in the tag. But the navigation doesn’t work.

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  • Having navigation problems anywhere where I try to organize the gallery by a tag: i would like it to go in the order that it shows in the thumbnails and to stop there.

    To the Plugin-Author:
    It appears to be the same thing in the original post here:

    Though the galleries can be DISPLAYED by tag, it can not be NAVIGATED in the display order. Is there a way to code it so that it can? This would be a LOVELY feature if so, and would solve all of my current problems.

    The NextGEN doco for using tags is here I don’t use them so can’t help much with them.

    Thanks; Ja, I noticed that, but even there, the navigation doesn’t seem to follow the thumbnails displayed. Augh but that’d be a great feature >,<

    The reason I can’t just separate them by gallery is because there’s so many overlapping images that would be multi-categorized. The way I have it on my site, I have the images categorized by story-arc, and also by character. So you can look up a character and see every pic involving them, or you can look up a story-line, and see the art related to that. And tags makes it so convenient, just to be able to slap on the character name and story that one’s involved in.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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